Wilderness Camping Comfortable Experience Maneo Campervan EXT

Wilderness Camping Comfortable Experience Maneo Campervan EXT


Seat belt reminder

Constant cruising

Brake assist system

Electronic handbrake

Traction control system

Body stabilization system

Tire pressure monitoring

ABS anti-lock braking system

Brake force distribution system

360°main co-pilot rotation

2.8T Cummins powerful motor

Multi-functional steering wheel

Main and passenger airbags

Astern image + astern radar

Aluminum alloy wheels have high conduction efficiency

  • Basic parameter

    • Length * Width * Height (MM)

      5995 * 2450 * 2985

    • Wheelbase (MM)


    • Total vehicle mass (KG)


    • Total weight (KG)


    • Number of passengers (persons)

      Six people

    • Engine model/displacement

      F NS6B177L / 2780 ml

    • Type of fuel

      Diesel oil

    • Engine power (KW)


    • Transmission form

      France Bonze automatic transmission (6AT)

    • immobilize

      Front and rear ventilated disc brakes

    • Handbrake form

      Electronic automatic hand brake

    • Front suspension

      McPherson independent suspension

    • Rear suspension

      Air suspension

    • wheel

      16 "aluminum alloy wheels

    • Tire size/number of tires


    • swerve

      Hydraulic assisted steering

  • security

    • Primary/secondary airbags

      Widen the rear view mirror

    • ESP

      Fog lamp

    • Six-seat seat belt

  • Comfort configuration

    • Master/pair 360-degree swivel seats

      Multi-functional steering wheel

    • Central lock

      Seat armrest

    • Combination instrument

      Cab seat covered

  • Air conditioning system

    • Front air conditioner

      Passenger cabin ventilation fan

    • Vehicle air conditioner

      Bathroom exhaust fan

    • Forward warm air

      Fuel heating system

    • Mi variable frequency air conditioner

  • Vehicle exterior trim

    • Aluminum sandwich composite shelter

      Ejector window (with invisible bed curtain)

    • Side expansion bin

      Rv sunshade

    • Rear expansion bin

      Electric step

    • Passenger door (screen door)

      Body paint strip

  • Interior space

    • A hanging locker

      Rear horizontal double bed

    • Elevating six-way adjustment coffee table

      Four against the booth

    • Multifunctional wardrobe

      Light environmental protection furniture sheet

    • Integrated bathroom

  • Kitchen system

    • Integrated cabinet

      138L RV refrigerator

    • Vegetable basin

      Microwave oven

    • Ordinary outside extension kitchen

  • Waterway, bathroom system

    • Quick connection piping system

      50L grey water tank

    • Rv special water pump

      Box toilet seat

    • Toilet basin, faucet

      Gravity feed port

    • Shower head

      Washing machine

    • 185L clean water tank

      Fuel oil hot water system

  • Electric power system

    • The LED lighting system is controlled in the car

      3000W inverter

    • Interior LED atmosphere light

      Touch screen centralized control system

    • Awning LED light strip

      Power socket 12V/230V/USB

    • 800W solar panels

      Mains interface, external socket, 15m cable

    • 800AH lithium battery Lithium battery

      Outside light

  • Monitoring alarm

    • Car navigation/reversing video integrated machine


    • Liquefied gas, carbon monoxide alarm

      Standard configuration

  • Multimedia

    • projector


    • Projection screen


  • Appearance

    • Car paint


  • Kitchen system

    • Oil and gas dual extension kitchen


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