Golf Cart High Performance Golf Buggy 4 Seater LEGEND G4

Golf Cart High Performance Golf Buggy 4 Seater LEGEND G4


Frame and Structure: Crafted from sturdy carbon steel

Propulsion System: Employs a KDS AC motor with power options of either 5KW or 6.3KW

Control Hub: Operates using a Curtis 400A controller

Battery Choices: Offers the choice between a maintenance-free 48v 150AH lead acid battery or a 48v/72V 105AH lithium battery

Charging Capability: Equipped with a versatile AC100-240V charger

Front Suspension: Features an independent MacPherson suspension design

Rear Suspension: Utilizes an integrated trailing arm rear axle

Braking Mechanism: Deploys a hydraulic four-wheel disc brake system

Parking Brake: Incorporates an electromagnetic parking brake system for secure parking

Foot Pedals: Integrates sturdy cast aluminum pedals

Wheel Assembly: Equipped with aluminum alloy rims/wheels in 10 or 12 inches

Certified Tires: Comes with road tires that meet DOT certification standards for safety

Mirror and Illumination: Includes side mirrors with integrated turn signal lights, an interior mirror, and comprehensive LED lighting throughout the product line

Roof Structure: Features a robust injection-molded roof for added strength

Windshield Protection: Offers a DOT certified flip windshield for enhanced safety

Entertainment System: Showcases a 10.1-inch multimedia unit providing speed and mileage data, temperature readings, Bluetooth connectivity, USB playback, Apple CarPlay compatibility, a reverse camera, and a pair of built-in speakers for a complete infotainment experience.


  •  Power

    • Motor


    • Horsepower


    • Batteries

      Six (6) 8V150AH maintenance-free lead acid (optional 48V/72V 105AH lithium )battery

    • Charger

      Onboard, automatic 48V DC, 20 amp, AC100-240V

    • Max Speed


  • Steering & Suspension

    • Steering

      Self-adjusting rack & pinion

    • Front Suspension

      MacPherson independent suspension.
      Rear Suspension
      Trailing arm suspension

  • Brakes

    • Brakes

      Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.

    • Park Brake

      Electromagnetic brake.

  • Body & Tires

    • Body Finish

      automotive paint/clearcoat 

    • Tires

      205/50-10 or 215/35-12

    • Wheel Size

      10inch or 12inch

    • Ground Clearance


1. Effortless Maintenance: Our off-road golf cart is designed with easy maintenance in mind, keeping you on the trail and not in the garage. Simplified upkeep means more time for adventure.

2. GPS Navigation: Never lose your way with built-in GPS navigation. Plot your course, mark waypoints, and explore with confidence, even in the most remote locations.

3. Tow Package: Need to haul some equipment or a trailer for a weekend getaway? Our off-road golf cart’s optional tow package makes it a breeze.

4. Exceptional Resale Value: Our off-road golf carts are built to last, maintaining their value over time. When it’s time for an upgrade, you’ll find that they hold their resale value remarkably well.

5. Community and Camaraderie: Join a passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts who share your love for adventure. Connect, share experiences, and plan group outings with fellow off-road golf cart enthusiasts.

6. Maintenance Alerts: Stay ahead of the curve with our built-in maintenance alert system. Receive timely notifications when it’s time for routine service, ensuring your off-road golf cart is always in top shape.

7. Enhanced Suspension Flexibility: Adjust your cart’s suspension to match your adventure’s intensity. Whether you’re going over rocky terrain or through sandy dunes, you can fine-tune the suspension for a smooth ride.

8.Weatherproof Accessories: Choose from a range of weatherproof accessories, from all-weather seat covers to cargo bed enclosures, designed to keep you and your gear dry and comfortable in any conditions.

With all these incredible features, you’ll be fully equipped to explore the great outdoors in style and comfort. Elevate your off-road adventures and experience the thrill of nature like never before with our exceptional off-road golf cart. “Unleash Your Adventure” today!

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