Maneo STD Campervan1

Maneo STD Campervan1

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Cruise control

Electronic handbrake

Vehicle stability system

Seat belt reminder

Multifunction steering wheel

Driver and passenger airbags

Tire pressure monitoring system

Brake force distribution system

Reverse camera + parking sensors

Brake assist system Traction control system

  • Basic Parameters

    • Length * Width * Height (mm)


    • Wheelbase (mm)


    • Curb Weight (kg)


    • Gross Weight (kg)


    • Seating Capacity

      6 persons

    • Engine Model/Displacement

      Cummins 2.8T/2780ml

    • Fuel Type


    • Engine Power (kw)


    • Transmission

      French PUNCH 6AT

    • Brakes

      Front and rear ventilated disc brakes

    • Parking Brake

      Electronic automatic parking brake/auto-hold

    • Front Suspension

      MacPherson independent suspension

    • Rear Suspension

      Adjustable air suspension

    • Wheels

      16-inch aluminum alloy wheels

    • Tire Specification/Tire Quantity


    • Steering

      Hydraulic power-assisted steering

    • Main/Co-Driver Safety Airbags

      Wide-angle rearview mirror

  • Safety Features

    • ESP

      fog lights

    • 6-seat safety belts

    • Main/Co-Driver 360-degree rotating seats

      Multi-function steering wheel

  • Comfort Configurations

    • Central door lock

      Main/Co-Driver seat armrests

    • Combined instrument panel

      Driver's cabin seat wrapping

  • Air Conditioning System

    • Driving air conditioning

      Bathroom exhaust fan

    • Xiaomi variable frequency air conditioning

      Fuel heating system

    • Aluminum composite cabin

      3×2.5m RV awning

  • Vehicle Exterior

    • Passenger door (with screen door)

      Electric step

    • External push-out window (with hidden bed curtain)

      Body stripes

    • hanging cabinet

      Wet and dry separation rotating door for the bathroom

  • Interior Space

    • Lift-up six-way adjustable coffee table

      Rear longitudinal double bed

    • Multi-function wardrobe

      Classic L-shaped seating

    • Wet and dry separation integrated bathroom

      Lightweight and environmentally friendly furniture boards

    • Integrated cabinet

      138L RV-specific refrigerator

  • Kitchen System

    • sink

      Microwave oven

    • Optional External Kitchen

    • Quick-connect piping system

      50L waste water tank

  • Water and Sanitary System

    • RV-specific water pump

      Box-type toilet

    • Bathroom basin/faucet

      Gravity water inlet

    • Showerhead

      Washing machine

    • 185L fresh water tank

      Fuel hot water system

    • LED lighting system with interior partition control

      3000W frequency inverter

  • Power System

    • Interior LED ambient lights

      Touchscreen centralized control system

    • Awning LED light strip

      Power sockets 12V/230V/USB

    • 800W solar panel

      Mains power interface, external sockets, 15m cable Exterior lights

    • 800Ah lithium battery

      Exterior lights

  • Monitoring and Alarm

    • In-car navigation/reverse imaging system LPG

      Fire extinguisher

    • gas and monoxide alarm

  • Optional Accessories

    • Rear ladder

      Dashboard Camera

    • Bicycle rack

      360-degree Surround View System or Four-channel Monitoring System (Choose one)

    • Front manual sunroof(with hidden curtains)

      Manual support legs

    • Dual-fuel gas and LPG external kitchen

      3.5×3m RV awning

    • Projector + projection screen