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200W Solar panel

3000W Sine wave inverter

120L/40L Clean water tank/waste water tank

Energy control center

Shelter with multi-protection layers

High strength chassis

Sheet metal stamping forming process

Separate kitchen area

Independent integral bathroom

DT521 (2)

  • Basic Parameters

    • Length (mm)


    • Width (mm)


    • Height (mm)


    • Carriage Length (mm)


    • Internal Height (mm)


    • Maximum Speed (km/h)


  • Chassis Configuration

    • AL-KO Car Axle

      High-strength Steel Frame

    • AL-KO Connector

      Towing Signal Line Plug

    • AL-KO Brake System

      AL-KO Supporting Wheels

    • Wheels

      AL-KO shock absorber

    • Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hubs

      Support Legs

    • Spare Tire

  • Body and Exterior

    • Cabin

      Bi-directional Ventilation Skylight

    • Entrance Door

      Signal Lights

    • Windows

  • Interior

    • Lightweight Board Furniture

      Integrated Bathroom with ABS Waterproof Kit

    • PVC Floor

      Kitchen Cabinet

    • Independent Wardrobe

      Circular Sofa

    • Refrigerator Cabinet

      Double Bed

  • Water System

    • 120L Freshwater Tank

      Shower Head

    • 40L Greywater Tank

      Faucet and Sink

    • Seaflo Water Pump

      External Shower

    • Water Inlet

      Diesel Air Heater System

    • Thetford Box-type Toilet with 16L

      Water Storage Tank

  • Electrical System

    • Integrated Control System

      LED lighting

    • 600W Solar Panel

      12V Refrigerator

    • 400Ah Lithium Battery

      3000W Charger and Inverter Integrated Machine

    • Coulomb Meter

      Air Conditioning

    • Mains power interface

      Smoke Alarm

    • Vehicle Charging Harness

      800W Induction Cooker

    • LED Lighting

  • Optional Configurations

    • Ventilation

      Washing Machine

    • Lithium Battery (400Ah)


    • 100W Solar Panel

      ETS Electronic Stability System

    • Mover

      KS25 High-Speed Stabilizer

    • Step

      KS Special Lock

    • Awning 3x2.5m

DT521 (7)