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ABOUT dachi

With a network of three cutting-edge factories, DACHI stands as an industry leader in Golf cart, LSV and RV production. Our relentless commitment to research and development fuels our prowess in crafting state-of-the-art vehicles. DACHI’s factories boast unmatched production capabilities, ensuring a steady supply of top-notch vehicles to meet global demand. Proudly leading the way in the LSV segment, DACHI’s annual sales record of 400,000 LSV solidifies our position as an unrivaled market force.

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  • DACHI Auto Power Inauguration Ceremony

    DACHI Auto Power Inauguration Ceremony
    On June 25, 2023, in the vibrant city of Shanghai, a momentous event took place that sent ripples of excitement throughout the automotive industry.
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  • New Vehicle Emblem Unveiling

    New Vehicle Emblem Unveiling
    DACHI AUTO Unveils Its Distinctive New Vehicle Emblem, a Symbol of Innovation and Excellence Shanghai, Sept 1st – DACHI AUTO POWER, a pioneer in the LSV industry, is proud to reveal its brand new vehicle emblem. This emblem represents a fresh chapter in DACHI AUTO POWER's journey, marked by innovation, performance, and a commitment to excellence.
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  • New Vehicle Model Release

    New Vehicle Model Release
    Shanghai, Aug 1st – DACHI AUTO POWER, a trailblazer in LSV innovation, proudly introduces its latest addition to the lineup – the all-new Golf Cart Model- PREDATOR. This remarkable release signals a new era of luxury, efficiency, and sophistication in the world of golf carts. DACHI AUTO's commitment to excellence and advancement is evident in every detail of the new Golf Cart Model. Boasting a sleek and modern design, this model merges cutting-edge technology with ergonomic comfort to elevate the golfing experience. Click our product link for more details.
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